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Several years ago, Scott Garson contacted me and asked if I'd be the inaugural selecting editor for Wigleaf's Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions. The idea: He'd worked to cull two hundred stories written in fewer than 1000 words published online during the previous year, and he wanted me narrow the list even further. I gladly agreed, and spent the next couple months reading through the stories very slowly, finding something to admire in pretty much every one of them. Eventually, I chose fifty--actually, I think I chose fifty-five--and wrote an introductory essay, and it all went live.

Since then, Scott has aimed much higher, and has landed some awesome writers to serve as selecting editor. There was Darlin Neal, and Lily Hoang, and Brian Evenson. I've had some stories make the long list, and my story "Let x" cracked the Top 50. This year, Dan Chaon, probably my favorite short story writer, served as the selecting editor, and he had a pretty amazing list of two hundred stories to choose from. Really. The two hundred stories on that list I had in my hands were great, but it seems the quality of (very) short fictions published online keeps getting better and better each year.

I had two stories on the long list this year, and one of them, "Moussaoui Remembers Fire," made the Top 50. Kathy Fish chose to publish this story last December when she was serving as Writer-in-Residence over at Necessary Fiction, and I can't thank her enough for including my story among the many fine pieces she published that month. Thanks, too, to Steve Himmer. And to Scott Garson and Ravi Mangla, for taking the time to sift through all those fictions looking for their favorites.

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