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Interview Roundup & More

I've neglected to mention here the various interviews I've done the past few months, and now I'm going to link to several of them in one post, which means if you actually click over and read them, you'll probably find me repeating myself, though I tried hard not to when I was typing out all of the answers.

The first interview I did was with Kevin Morris at DBC Reads. Kevin--who is a former student and runs DBC Reads with another former student, Marnie Shure--also wrote a great review of TEISH, which appeared a few weeks before the interview.

Up next was a chat with Amber Lee for the Necessary Fiction blog. Steve Himmer and Necessary Fiction published "Adaptations," one of the eighteen stories in TEISH, as well as "Moussaoui Remembers Fire," which ended up being chosen by Dan Chaon as one of the Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions of 2012.

Then I virtually sat down with Jenn DeLeon to talk about TEISH for the Ploughshares blog. I wish I could have sat down in person with Jenn. Maybe we could have had a cup of coffee, or some dessert. She's such a great person and writer.

Lastly, I exchanged a bunch of emails with Eugene Cross for Fiction Writers Review. Eugene Cross needs no introduction on this blog. He's my bestie, and he also wrote this, one of the top two or three debut collections published this year.

*     *     *

If you've been following my Facebook page, or my tumblr, then you know I traveled to NYC for the first time a couple weeks back--and that I read at the Sunday Salon with Marie Myung-Ok Lee, Luis Jaramillo, and Catherine Lacey. There are now some video clips up on the website of the reading.

*     *     *

I don't think I've mentioned here two recent story publications:

"Yard Work" was published back in October as part of the Fall 2012 issue of Fiction Southeast. Pamela Painter is in the issue, and so is Jim Daniels, and a host of other talented folks.

"You Would've Counted Yourself Lucky" was published in November in Issue 40 of The Collagist. Huge thanks to Matt Bell for having me. This was the last story I wrote that ended up a part of TEISH, and it's one I'm still fond of. Soon, I'll be doing an interview about the story with David Bachmann for the Collagist blog.

*     *     *

And finally: I wrote a mini-essay for The Story Prize Blog about baseball & Garden City, Kansas & being sad and lonely and finding literature, deciding I wanted to become a writer.

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