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  • Train Dreams: A Novella
    Train Dreams: A Novella
    by Denis Johnson
  • Bluets
    by Maggie Nelson
  • We the Animals: A novel
    We the Animals: A novel
    by Justin Torres
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There's no snow here yet, but it's coming, I'm sure.

It is, however, the holiday season, and I have an offer for you: If you're interested in buying a copy of Tell Everyone I Said Hi for that special short story lover in your life (you do have people in your life who love short stories, right?) I would love to sign it for you, have Jane wrap it up, and then ship it for free anywhere you want to send it. Right now, the collection is on sale for $12 through the University of Iowa Press website, but you can buy it elsewhere online and have it sent to me, and that'd work, too. Just send me a message on Facebook or send me an email for my address, and we'll get that proverbial ball rolling. Plus, it'll be like you're gifting two people at once: I've had a few people get in touch with me on Facebook already, and it felt, well, like Christmas.

*     *     *

I wrote a little blog post on my tumblr earlier this week. It's the kind of thing I would normally post to this blog, but for some reason it went up over there instead. Tumblr is down right now, I believe, but it should be up by the time you read this, and you can see what I had to say about the writing process, the Midwest, and my essay "An Epilogue for the Unread" here.

*     *     *

Tomorrow I'm leaving for NYC. It's my first trip to the city, and I have lots of plans. Among them: I'll be reading at the Sunday Salon NYC on December 16th at 7:00 with Luis Jaramillo, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, and Catherine Lacey. Full details here.

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